What is Health?

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June 26, 2013
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What is Health?

A-Pyramid-of-a-Balanced-DietWhen a house is built, all the steps of the process have to be considered before construction starts. Otherwise you could wind up installing the doors and then finding that your refrigerator won’t fit through them. Similarly, your health plans have to be considered as a whole instead of one piece at a time. Your chances of sticking to a health improvement plan, eating right, exercising regularly or quitting smoking are higher if you focus on your overall health instead of just one aspect of it. In other words, think about what the things that you could do to improve your health and how well the fit together and then each individual act will improve on everything else you are trying to do.

Today people are having heart attacks and strokes at a younger age than they used to. Poor eating, lack of exercise and deadly habits pave the way. Doctors usually cannot find a clogged or blocked artery until it is serious, probably too late.

Yet you will discover that wholesome eating combined with physical activity promoted good health and fitness. A good diet enables us to maintain healthy body weight and goes a long way to minimise health related problems. Luckily for most of us these are issues that are largely in our control. All we have to do is seek knowledge. The more you know about nutrition, the more you will be able to control your eating habits and help all those you care about. Knowledge is power; so take the trouble to learn the basics of nutrition so that you can improve your odds of staying healthy. You cannot expect Medical Science to take care of everything in the most important area of your health maintenance – healthy living. Only you can do that, because only you can live your life.

Where can you start from to get your health back in order? It’s easy. Think of your body as your most precious possession. Isn’t it ironic that we take so much care of our possessions that are replaceable and easy to repair and do next to nothing when it comes to looking after our bodies that are harder to repair and are not replaceable? So just as you, for instance, wash your car every day, fuel and service it regularly, and rush it to the garage whenever you hear a strange noise, just so should you be vigilant in looking after your body.

You can start by watching what you eat. Most times we eat too much food or too little; too much of the bad and too little of the good. If you eat dead lifeless food, your body will be lifeless. If you eat vital vibrant foods with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, you too will be full of life, force and vitality. That’s the way it works; it’s that simple.

Next, exercise! I know you’ve heard this very many times, but that’s because it is so important. If maintaining excellent health is high on your list of priorities, excising three times a week may be the minimum standard to keep you in shape. Determine firmly in your mind to keep your exercising schedule no matter what. A no-exceptions policy means that you’ll maintain this habit because you value its long term benefits.

In health there is no such thing as a silver bullet. We must put in effort to acquire the education that reveals to us the empowering and absolute truths of nature and then to put the knowledge we have gained at the service of our efforts to maintain a healthy life. That healthy is what Albert Szent, describing total health, the ultimate physical experience, described as that state @ when you feel your best, look your best, work your best and have the strongest resistance to disease.

“Remember, Life is a gift from God; good life is a gift from wisdom”

Here is a simple health plan you can follow:

Some of the components go without saying but let’s list them anyway:

  • Eat a varied diet that is high on vegetable. Fruit, complex carbohydrates and plenty of calcium, vitamins and minerals.
  • Drink lots of water – at least 8 glasses of water daily.
  • Exercise regularly. Thirty minutes a day, four or more days a week is a minimum recommendation but every day is better; and any exercise is better than none!
  • Stop smoking. STOP SMOKING! STOP SMOKING!!
  • Relax. A calm rested body and mind are the best defence against illness, disease and aging

Get regular, annual check-ups, including any special test

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