Purpose Uganda Babies Home


Sleek and Slender staff and clients have for the last 5 years been partnering with Purpose Uganda to help orphans and homeless children grow up in the right environment and grow up into normal responsible adults.

Below is a more detailed look at what Purpose Uganda does. To find out more or help in any way, contact us at Sleek and Slender and we shall answer any questions you have about how to b a part of this.


Purpose Uganda Babies home is a registered non-political, non-profit charitable organisation. The organisation’s major concern is to provide a home, and later foster parents to children between the age of 0 to 4 years who have been abandoned, neglected, orphaned and those from incapacitated families.

The project began in March 2009 after realising that a number of children continue to be abandoned and neglected by their parents or guardians. The major factors responsible for the situations are usually caused by poverty, HIV/AIDS, early pregnancies and family breakups. The children who are left behind are traumatised and face social, physical, psychological and economic difficulties.

This instability can be debilitating and disorganising for these young children. For some, it has produced the risk of abuse and mistreatment thus children are already emerging that are bitter, angry and maladjusted.

It is against this background that Purpose Uganda has been set up to address and reach out to these children: love, care, treat and foster formal and informal education.

Currently, the home has twenty (20) children between the ages of 4 days to 5 years. In the future, we intend to find suitable adoptive parents for these children and find sponsors for each child. We intend to establish purpose Uganda home. And as a means of self-sustainability, we intend to start a farm on our three acres of land.


Purpose Uganda desires to see a world where all children are loved and cared for in a homely environment.



To return happy and supporting childhood to children in vulnerable situations.



Purpose Uganda is to place every child in a particular family to grow in under direct supervision and training, and encourage young Christian parents to open up their homes for these children.


  • To place these children in a homely environment.
  • To love care, treat and educate children in hope of giving them a better future.
  • To find suitable parents to adopt these children and encourage young Christian parents to open up their homes for these children.
  • To rehabilitate the children back to their normal health.