Founders Profile

bainesI am a mother of five grown children. When I put on hold a career in banking so I could first look after my young children, I ended up with problems I had never anticipated. I put on so much weight, lost my figure and this dented my self-esteem so badly. Before I was 30 years, my body felt so old and I had lost myself! I had pain everywhere – my back, knees, chronic headaches etc.

Getting out of bed in the morning was a mission. I was a mess both physically and emotionally.

Fortunately, this sent me searching for solutions and this is how Sleek and Slender was birthed.

On January 25th, 1999, with one set of toning tables, Sleek and Slender opened its doors to our first client. In one week we attracted about 15 clients. By the end of our first operational month, Sleek and Slender was taking care of over 30 clients a day.

In six months, word had gone around about our amazing results and first class customer care, there was a need for us to expand, which we did.

Over the years, Sleek has remained true to the objectives I had at the beginning. This is to help people who want to be well holistically. I help clients who want to lose weight, those that want to keep fit, manage stress and those who just want to feel good!

I am a trained counsellor and this is an added advantage since my clients come in with all sorts of challenges in their work, health, and life in general.

Contact Us today and find out if Sleek and Slender is the solution you have been looking for to help you get your life back on track. Our solutions have worked for me and countless others so why shouldn’t you have your chance to a better healthier life.

We shall be very happy to see you.